Saturday December 1, 2001:

Finally I have some energy to update this page.

On September 25th I went to dr. Hedwig van der Horst to let all my birds tested on the PBFD- and polyomavirus. The blood of all my birds was sent to Avian Biotech in England (Cornwall), a very reliable lab. On October the first I got the test results and they were all negative! I was so happy to hear that!! I had to re-test my birds after 90 days.. this is because of the incubation period.

In the meantime I wrote a letter to the person (shop) who sold me Tommy, because it was so clear that Tommy already had the virus when he came home, to hold him responsible for all the costs I made and have to make on this matter and I asked a lawyer to help me get my money back. I got a very intimidating letter from the person who sold me Tommy and after the writing of my lawyer to him, it is now sent to an insurance company. I lost a lot of money, because of all the tests, vet visits, medicines, etc.

I am a member of the Dutch parrot mailinglist (Yahoo) and we decided to write to several tv programs, magazins..etc. It is so important to tell everyone about this horrible virus and maybe the government will take care of it in the near future. The "MKZ-crisis" is very important to them, because it costs them a lot of money, but this virus is very simular to the PBFD virus.
The first TV program which gave attention to PBFD was "Alle dieren tellen mee"(AVRO). Then we heard that the Magazine "Hart voor dieren" will publish an article about this disease, and tonight "Hart van Nederland (SBS6)" will give attention to PBFD in their news program! Great huh??!

Last Sunday November 25 I found two suspicious feathers in the aviary where my five lovebirds and budgie live in and I was scared to death! I immediately sent the feathers to Avian Biotech to test them on PBFD. Coming Monday (December the third) I'll go to the vet to re-test all my birds. Lets hope and pray that none of my birds are infected!!

here you'll find the pictures of the feathers I found:


Till now I really don't know from which bird these terrible feathers fell out. I examined all the birds and couldn't find suspicious feathers! I am waiting for the test results to come and I am very scared......

Sunday December 2, 2001.

Again I saw something scary today. I was playing around with my most tame lovebird Pucky:
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and saw something wrong at his wing feathers..only the first wing feather at both sides... see pics attached. I am very upset.. I already lost my dearest Tommy and now I maybe have to let go more birds... it just isn't fair. Tomorrow I am going to my vet to re-test all my birds...I am very scared... and the nightmare didn't stop yet...

Photo's of Pucky's wing feathers:

Saturday, December 8, 2001
I got the test results from the feathers of one of my lovebirds and the were.... PBFD positive! I already knew.. because of what I saw but it was a terrible shock to me.

Last Monday I went to the vet to take blood and it was sent to Avian Biotech to be tested on the PBFD virus. Okay... I already know that I have PBFD (beak- and feather disease) in my house (aviary) but I don't know from which bird the feathers were. First of all I went to my parents and begged them to let Mickey, my Senegal parrot, stay with them. They finally understood how important this is to me. Maybe I can save Mickey with this action. And they said yes!! So last Thursday Mickey went over to my parents house. Everything goes okay... they like her very much. I have to wait for the blood tests now. I really don't know if Mickey will be positive too, but I hope she's okay. Of course I have to retest her after three months, but she can stay there all these months. I am so grateful to my parents!!

Yesterday I went over to see her. When I will go over there from my house, then I have to close the room, take all my clothes of, go into the shower and then put on clean clothes and then it is really save. But yesterday I went to see Mickey after work. I didn't go home first. She is doing great, but I know she misses me! I miss her too... when I see her she is pin-pointing to me and she rattles with her beak, so sweet to see!! I took some photo's of her yesterday, please take a look at them:

Here I am sitting on the cage. Sitting on their couch, that looks cool. Don't I look cute?? Hang on a moment, have to tickle myself.
Yeah.. I am sooo beautiful! I love you mom!! I can see far away through the window! Yes, I love it here!

So you can all see that she's doing great. Hopefully she will be tested negative. Let's hope and pray for that. About the rest of my flock. I know that one or more birds are infected now. I have to wait for the test results, but after that I have to make the most difficult decision in my live. I have to let all my aviary birds go to sleep. Why?? Well, as I told you one or more birds are infected. This virus is very contagious, so during the period between my visit to the vet last Monday and the coming test results, more birds can be infected. For example, two birds are positive. Let's assume I only let these two birds go to sleep. I keep the other four (I am talking about my 5 lovebirds and my budgie and again hoping that Mickey - my Fluffy Girl - still isn't infected) and have to retest them after 90 days. Okay... one more bird is positive!! So.. I let this bird to go sleep too. And keep the other three... and retest them after 90 days... etc. etc. etc... maybe if I have (more) bad luck I still will loose them all. Older birds are less accessible to the virus BUT they can be infected. If their immune system can kill the virus they can live further and they don't become ill, BUT......... they keep carrier of the virus!! And... I still have to be careful visit a friend with a bird, because it still will be in my room etc. Also all the tests are about 60% reliable, meaning that if the vet take one or two drops of blood and in the blood aren't white blood corpuscles then the virus will not be found. I CAN'T TAKE THAT RISC!!! Not now, not ever!! Because if Mickey is negative for the virus and with the next test too, she can come home.. and if I keep one or more birds and not being a 100% sure about them carrying the virus, she can still be infected again...

It will be the most difficult decision in my live, let Rakker, Pucky, Sweetie, Dinky, Charlie and Piwi go to sleep, but.... thinking of what I wrote before it is the only thing I can do. Some people told me, you can give a bird to someone who doesn't keep birds, etc. but this isn't the way to KILL THE PBFD VIRUS AND MORE BIRDS WILL BE INFECTED!!!!

After all of this I have to desinfect my whole room with bleech etc. It's just such a great disaster. I cannot buy new parrots for at least four months or more...Well, the only thing I can say right now is, that I'll keep you posted on this page.

here some beautiful pics of my babies:

Pucky, my most tame lovebird Here with his girlfriend Sweetie, bluemasked. He Sweet! I'd loved to be tickled by you! Okay then... here you go.

Aaahh... that's cool! Keep it going! Yeah.. there too! thanx babe. Ooohhh....!!!! That was good, very good indeed! 

Dinky, the baby of Puck and Sweet. Doesn't he look beautiful??. Charlie and Piwi. Charlie is a very beautiful lovebird.

Rakker, my talking budgie! Looking very cute!! Keep quiet! I am taking a nap!! Okay okay!!

To be continued...

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